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About Us

Construction Exchange is a professional entity with the objective of being the Gateway to world class solutions for the construction industry in Ghana.

Run by a group of construction professionals and allied professions, we seek to be a one stop online portal for the construction industry.

Over the last four years we have earned a reputation of being client focused and an incubator for well needed solutions to the construction industry.

We have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the construction industry with bespoke products and services. Some of our products and services include

Construction Shop Online

Our online construction shop is the number one shop for construction shop searches in Ghana on Google.

To create a shop online is not easy, it requires a lot. Many have tried and failed.  Do we have the IT expertise? Do we know what construction professionals want?  Do we know what the general public needs? Do we have the industry knowledge? Do we have the online experience?

Our online website has been operating for the last two years and it has undergone rigorous tests to ensure an effective functionality.

Check Price of Construction Materials and Order/Buy Online (Nationwide)

To ensure that we deliver to your satisfaction, the first objective of our shop is to serve as a Price Checker for Listed Construction Items. For example, as online retailers and equipped with 1000 retail outlets in Ghana you are guaranteed that you can check the prices of cement nationwide.

Furthermore if you want to buy, you can order online and we will facilitate the delivery of your items to  you without you moving an inch. 

Sell Your Products With Us

Do you have products that you would like to sell online. Why not contact us and we will set up a shop for you online.

We currently running online shops for Geoplast Spa and

Construction Operations Research and Analysis

Do you want to collect data in the construction industry? Do you want to introduce a product or a concept into the construction industry? Do you want to conduct market research surveys.

With our innovative, experienced, well resourced team of researchers, data collectors and analysts across the country, we can take on any project. Our specific focus is the construction industry and as professionals we always work to meet your desired expectations.

This may sound impossible but we say it is possible. We can contact 1000 construction hardware retailers on your behalf in less than three days.


For your latest construction news in Ghana, we are the best website to provide you with the most relevant and industry specific news. Are you commissioning a project, are you introducing a new product, do you have news that you want us to cover? We are the best suited to reach your targeted market. We are currently ranked by as number 1 for ‘construction news ‘ searches in Ghana.

Online Construction Cost Indices Database

Being the first online cost indices database online ever in Africa and one of the few in the world, we have proven to be at the forefront of developing creative solutions to improve construction project cost management. We publish the Ghana Construction Cost Indices which exists as software database which can be readily be accessed by construction professionals like, quantity surveyors, engineers, architects etc anytime and anywhere.  With over hundred clients, this software has proven to be very helpful in the preparation of fluctuations on project claims.

The User Guide for the Cost Indices is utilized by construction professionals serving as a professional guide.

Construction Video and Photo Gallery

We provide professional photography and videos for construction professionals. Being construction professionals in the industry we know what our colleagues want when they demand photographs. Why not commission us to take photographs of your projects from conception to completion. We know what meant most to you.

Tell the phone story of your project from conception, through inception, implementation, completion to post completion.

A video/photo gallery is provided for you via an online repository where you can access your videos and pictures for your construction projects at anywhere and anytime.

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